Women in International Security UK

WIIS UK is a branch of the WIIS global network committed to promoting women’s careers and providing a network for women working on international security issues. 

WIIS UK is defined by its diversity across age groups, nationalities, sectors, and by its partnership with a wide variety of institutions, such as Chatham House and Jane’s Defence. WIIS UK activities include monthly socials, research-based events, ongoing projects on the role of women in international security, the promotion of work of women through our website and media contacts, and an active network of members always willing to engage with newcomers or to provide advice and support.

In short, WIIS UK is:

  • A vector for female excellence in defence and security;

  • A diverse community of and for women reaching beyond the UK, with London as a hub for global exchange;

  • An agent for change striving to de-gender the sector of defence and security.  ​