Women in Logistics

The WiL Vision is to:

“Improve the lives of Women in Logistics in the UK and address gender imbalance, enabling the logistics industry to benefit from female talent.”

The WiL Mission is to:

  • Attract, retain and support women working in logistics and promote the broader diversity agenda
  • Provide opportunities for the logistics industry, and other key stakeholders, to support women working in the sector and identify and address the challenges to recruitment and retention

The Objectives of the organisation are to:

  • Connect – Provide networking and professional development events – both physically and virtually
  • Engage – Offer support and mentoring and showcase the achievements of role-model women.
  • To provide a voice for women working in logistics and to address from a female perspective key challenges the industry faces
  • Inspire – Provide an inclusive and encouraging environment to nurture female talent within the sector

From humble beginnings in 2008, Women in Logistics has grown to a membership of nearly 4,000. In 2014 the organisation started a process of restructuring in order to cope with the size and to enable us to continue to grow and serve our members. To start with we ran a survey to work out what our members wanted and what our priorities should be. From that survey, a new structure emerged.