Women on Boards

Women on Boards (WOB) exists to provide information, encouragement and connections to help women get to the top within their own company or to take on a board or committee role as a non executive director (NED), trustee or governor.

We are breaking down the barriers to entry to the boardroom and building the pipeline of board-ready women. Women on Boards operates from the principle that as talent and ambition are equally distributed between men and women, organisations in all sectors need to work towards gender balance at board and leadership level, in order to reach their full potential.

What WOB does

We work on both the supply side and the demand side, with board candidates and with those recruiting non-executive directors and trustees:

1:  Women on Boards is building the pool of female board members and role models by providing the information, encouragement and connections to ensure more women are appointed to boards across all sectors.

  • We help individuals to understand their transferable skills and to make the right connections to access board positions
  • We provide a strategic framework for getting a board role and pragmatic advice along the way

2:  Women on Boards is increasing the transparency of the board recruitment process through our NED Vacancy Board (free service to any organisation seeking a board member) and our work with head-hunters and the government to “turn off the spotlight and turn on the floodlights” when recruiting board members.

  • We actively encourage recruiters to open up their field of vision by advertising more board positions
  • We provide visibility into a broad range of board vacancies to inspire women to apply