Women outside the box

Running a business can be lonely. Those of us with years of experience have a lot to offer to our sisters starting up. But young, innovative, tech-savvy ways of thinking have so much to teach my generation too. But to learn from each other we need to talk.

We all have to struggle with confidence issues, with family dilemmas around work-life balance and with getting the men who have held the reins for so long to take our funding requests seriously. Getting together and sharing our experiences, suggesting solutions and hearing about success is something we can all do. After all, it is generally accepted that it is the six people we interact with the most that will shape our ambitions and success.

For women growing their business substantially we established our Women Outside The Box City Business Clubs: monthly face-to-face growth networks with training, pitching and advice & information sharing. The first City Business Club launched in July 2013 and we are now growing the network to cover all regions of the UK. Get in touch if you want to know more and would like to apply to be a City Leader.

Now re branded as – the festival of female entrepreneurs – our festival remains the largest meet-up of female entrepreneurs in the UK and is now a must-go event for women in business.