Women’s Enterprise Scotland

Women’s Enterprise Scotland is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company which works to create an entrepreneurial environment where women-led businesses can flourish.

The simple fact is that more women-owned businesses in Scotland means more money for the economy. Research shows that if the numbers of women-led businesses increased to equal those of men, our national bank balance would be at least 5% better off. That’s equivalent to a £7.6 billion boost to the economy, minimum.

To make the most of this opportunity for economic growth – and to improve the gender gap in Scottish entrepreneurial activity – Women’s Enterprise Scotland aims for nothing less than the creation of a new norm for women in business.

To do that,  WES inspires and support women to start – and then to grow – their own businesses. We advise and educate external partners and advocate for gender-specific enterprise support. We seek to influence policy-makers and opinion formers to recognise the economic contribution women-led business could make. And we champion women’s enterprise in the media, in Scottish society, and across the wider world.

Alongside our partners, Women’s Enterprise Scotland aims to create a commercial culture where women-led business ownership is not simply an aspiration, but becomes a truly attainable, attractive and achievable option for women everywhere.