Women’s Environmental Network


Unfortunately we live in a world where human beings are too often marginalised according to their gender, whether that takes the form of social, political or economic prejudice and exclusion.

In accordance with the most basic principles of feminism, WEN is committed to dismantling patriarchy, whose systems of inequality have negative effects for the vast majority of people in society.

We are committed to making our feminism intersectional, always taking into account the intersection between gender and other elements of human identity, including race, age, ability, sexual orientation and wealth.

Our feminism is environmental. We believe that the fight for gender equality is inextricably linked to environmental justice. These two goals can only be achieved together.


We believe that human behaviour towards the earth’s resources needs to change from that of commoditisation, towards understanding that each decision we make has a knock-on effect elsewhere. All too often our consumer actions are disconnected from their impact on the natural world, and it has become far too easy to ignore the consequences.

We believe that everyone has the right to a safe and healthy environment, but this won’t happen while profit is prioritised over people and planet. We each have a responsibility to educate ourselves, to interrogate our policy-makers, and to walk our talk when it comes to the food we eat, the clothes we buy, the way we travel, and the energy we use


We believe in the importance of sharing knowledge, skills and experience. We’ve realised that the best solutions are reached through mutual learning within open and inclusive spaces and networks.

We believe that competition and individualism are tools that are used to maintain current systems of inequality, and prevent the possibility of creating new ways of seeing the world and relating to one another.

We organise ourselves according to egalitarian principles. We operate a shared leadership model that rejects traditional hierarchies. The way we conduct ourselves must be a reflection of the equality we strive to help realise in society.

We partner with organisations that share our aims and values, and exchange our knowledge and expertise with others.

Socially Responsible

All of our actions have consequences, and our actions as an organisation have far-reaching effects on people and planet.

We try at all times to use products and services that have as little negative impact on others as possible. Whether for printing, banking, travel or internet provision, we aim to minimise our negative environmental impact by choosing the most sustainable option available.

We will always prioritise fairtrade products, doing whatever we can to avoid becoming part of a supply chain involving slavery or forced labour.

We do not form partnerships with businesses or organisations whose ethical conduct in any way contravenes our mission or values.