Women’s Security Society

The security profession, in all its forms, has traditionally been male dominated with very few women in the arena. The perception that careers in security are not open to women, coupled with an evident lack of diversity has not provided the best platform to encourage women to enter the profession (particularly those who do not have a Police or Military background) or promote the profiles of the few women that are in the industry.

Despite the increase in numbers over the last decade (likely due to the post 9/11 security industry evolution and the introduction of formal and academic qualifications in the various disciplines), the female to male ratio remains vastly disproportionate and as a result there is very little support for women in the industry. As a result the concept of the Women’s Security Society (WSS) has been created with its main objective being to act as an inspiring networking forum for women working in the Security Industry.

WSS Objectives:

To share knowledge, provide support and encourage the empowerment and success of women in the security industry.
To reach out to women in the security industry through networking events and a web based forum.
To remain exclusive to women specifically working or studying in a security related or management specialist security discipline.
To remain a non-profit organisation, seeking funding through sponsorship and assistance from amiable members.
To be open to women across all security disciplines regardless of their experience, position or industry.