Webinar Speakers
Iain Eyre

Iain Eyre | Function Fit for Life

Online Health, Mindset Nutrition and Fitness Leader. Leveraging technology and expertise to help clients reach new heights of success from anywhere. All our WeAreVirtual speakers have kindly offered to ‘pay-it-forward’, pledging to share their expertise. Thanks to our speakers, we’re covering a myriad of webinar topics relating to both work and life. You can expect […]
Carol Stewart

Carol Stewart | Abounding Solutions

Known as the Coach for High Achieving Introverted Women, Carol Stewart is an Executive, Career and Business Coach, founder of Abounding Solutions and author of Quietly Visible: Leading with Influence and Impact as an Introverted Woman. She coaches women who feel overlooked and unheard to raise their visibility and profile so they exude presence and […]
Heather White

Heather White | Smarter Networking

Heather White is a leading international expert on all things Networking, Personal Brand and LinkedIn, and just loves connecting people! The hard truth about networking is that if your contacts don’t ‘get’ you they can’t help you. Networking is about building a strong network of contacts who understand you and are willing to recommend you […]
Hope Virgo

Hope Virgo | Mental Health Campaigner, Public Speaker & Author of Stand Tall Little Girl

Hope Virgo is the Author of Stand Tall Little Girl, and a multi award winning international leading advocate for people with eating disorders. Hope helps young people and employers (including schools, hospitals and businesses) to deal with the rising tide of mental health issues which affect one in four people and costs employers between £33 […]
Helena Stone

Helena Stone | Helena Stone Consultancy Ltd

Helena Stone is a confidence coach, speaker and change consultant who helps women grow their confidence. She works with organisations to support their female employees, enabling more women to progress at work and creating a more diverse culture. She gives women the tools to understand what confidence means to them, how to become more self-aware […]
Lisa Barnwell

Lisa Barnwell | The Imperfect Leader

Lisa is a certified coach, facilitator and the creator of The Imperfect Leader Program; a mastermind and mentor coaching program for conscious leaders. She uses emotional intelligence and the latest cutting-edge techniques to help those wanting to improve their health, mindset and impact, and model new ways to work. Her creative, warm approach supports leaders […]
Georgie Dickins

Georgie Dickins | Cajetan Group

Georgie Dickins is a sought-after Coach and Mentor in London, who practices globally, both in person and virtually. Her clients are top performers, successful entrepreneurs, ascending stars and high-level leaders in fintech, financial and professional services. What her clients have in common is an extraordinary mindset. Leaders who want success are everywhere. Those who have […]
Beatrix Schmidt

Beatrix Schmidt | The Sleep Deep Practice Ltd

Beatrix is a sleep coach, professional speaker and the author of The Sleep Deep Method. Having struggled with insomnia and burning herself out in her mid twenties, she spent the last 10 years researching sleep and learning that in order for us to sleep well at night, we need to look much deeper than just […]
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