Kshama Singhi

Kshama Singhi | Happiness & Empowerment Coach

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I am your happiness and Empowerment Coach. I empower individuals to become the best version of themselves. Whilst my clients range from different walks of life, i am particularly keen to work with women who are having relationship issues. Having gone through my own share of issues wether be it my relationship with my mum […]
Jenny Pollock, Coach, Founder & Director, Women to Work

Jenny Pollock | Founder, Coach & Director, Women to Work Ltd

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“I’ve got a zillion ideas zooming round my head for my business but struggling to keep all the plates spinning and crystalise my ideas, and even after my first one-hour session with Jenny I had a lightbulb moment. Jenny funnelled my barrage of information, let me draw my own conclusions and sparked ideas. Couldn’t recommend […]
Emma Shute, Coach, Founder & Director, Women to Work featured

Emma Shute | Founder, Coach & Director, Women to Work Ltd

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“I have worked with Emma on and off for a few years now and can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s incredibly talented – empathetic, professional, an excellent listener, discreet where needed and utterly focused on reaching the agreed objective of our sessions. Emma’s helped me both with work and personal dilemmas….Thank you Emma for all […]
Ruxandra Dariescu

Ruxandra Dariescu | The Product Schools

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About my coaching style Working with me as a Coach means embarking on a self-leadership journey of transformative thinking developing a sharp focusing on what matters to you matching your intentions with your actions standing out as the leader you want to be Sustainability for you means that your leading actions become an effortless continuous […]
Susie Ramroop

Susie Ramroop | Leadership Mindset Coach

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If you are a high performer and want to have a bigger impact without having to put more in more time and unhelpful self-questioning, then Susie is the coach for you.  Her sessions get to the heart of the matter quickly, bringing the relief and clarity that you have been craving.  She is direct, fun […]
Mary Gregory

Mary Gregory | Senior Leader’s Coach

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You are a senior leader in the throws of navigating large complex change. Already self-aware, you are struck by the magnitude of responsibility you hold and recognise your need to keep developing and growing as a means to manage the challenges you face effectively. These may include addressing relationship dynamics, sustaining personal confidence through tricky […]
Wendy Rose

Wendy Rose | Coach to senior leaders

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I specialise in working senior leaders and business owners who are going through any kind of personal, professional or organisational change. Career change, restructuring, M&A, new CEO, promotion, big new project? I help leaders like you navigate transitions successfully. Current clients include: an EMEA MD who’s using her maternity break to consider where and what […]
Caitlin Foley

Caitlin Foley | Executive Coach & Leadership Advisor

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Caitlin has been working as an executive coach and leadership development advisor to Private Equity and Venture Capital firms for eight years following a successful career in top global Private Equity and Management Consulting firms based in London, Boston and Chicago.  She utilises her combination of coaching expertise and business acumen to coach senior executives […]