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carol stewart

Carol Stewart | Executive, Career & Leadership Coach

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I am passionate about coaching women to lead with confidence, influence, and impact, so they make a positive difference through their work and in their lives. I am an Executive, Career and Leadership Coach, founder of Abounding Solutions and author of Quietly Visible: Leading with Influence and Impact as an Introverted Woman (listed as one […]

Jenny Garrett OBE | Executive, Career & Leadership Coach

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I have worked for over a decade as a coach and leadership developer. My work extends to the public, private and third sectors. This experience of different sectors enables me to take a creative approach to finding solutions. Prior to this I held senior marketing roles in the corporate world and in executive education. My […]
Susie Ramroop

Susie Ramroop | Leadership Mindset Coach

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If you are a high performer and want to have a bigger impact without having to put more in more time and unhelpful self-questioning, then Susie is the coach for you.  Her sessions get to the heart of the matter quickly, bringing the relief and clarity that you have been craving.  She is direct, fun […]
Mary Gregory

Mary Gregory | Senior Leader’s Coach

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You are a senior leader in the throws of navigating large complex change. Already self-aware, you are struck by the magnitude of responsibility you hold and recognise your need to keep developing and growing as a means to manage the challenges you face effectively. These may include addressing relationship dynamics, sustaining personal confidence through tricky […]
Dawn Leane

Dawn Leane | Virtual Coach

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All the resources you need to be successful or overcome challenges are within you. But sometimes it’s hard to filter out the background noise; other peoples self-interest, unhelpful advice, our past experiences or limiting beliefs. Often, the more senior we become, the fewer people there are to hold up a mirror to us and act […]
Caitlin Foley

Caitlin Foley | Executive Coach & Leadership Advisor

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Caitlin has been working as an executive coach and leadership development advisor to Private Equity and Venture Capital firms for eight years following a successful career in top global Private Equity and Management Consulting firms based in London, Boston and Chicago.  She utilises her combination of coaching expertise and business acumen to coach senior executives […]