Networking: The art of making friends

By Carole Stone

With more than 14,000 entries in her electronic address book, Carole Stone is a self-confessed people addict who has turned networking and making friends into an art form. Packed with top tips and real-life scenarios, this is your essential guide to getting on with people in all aspects of life.

You might be working your way up the career ladder, or have already reached the top; perhaps you’re at home looking after the children or you want to liven up your social life. Whatever your situation, this funny, frank and practical guide will help you mix, match and multiply your friends and contacts. You’ll soon discover many new ways to expand your network, from approaching the art of small talk to throwing the perfect party.

Carole’s no-nonsense approach will inspire you to seize the moment, and the right opportunities, so that you not only make more friends, but also make the most of them.

For ten years Carole Stone was the producer of the BBC’s radio flagship programme Any Questions? Carole is now a television and radio broadcaster, writes for national newspapers and magazines and runs her own media consultancy business.

About the Author

Carole Stone

The daughter of a sweet shop owner, Carole was a gawky girl with, as she says, huge feet and a big nose: she was also terribly shy. But she overcame her lack of confidence and became the producer of Woman’s Hour, Down Your Way and Any Questions and it was these programmes which allowed her to exploit her communication skills. She is now a media consultant or ‘facilitator’, running lunches for major organisations, putting useful people together. Her parties have become legendary, with politicians, media moguls, actors and bishops happily queuing round the block to get in.

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