New dating lingo – Let’s leave it open!!

Apparently in this 21st century, when a guy says he’s leaving a date time open and doesn’t get in touch during the day, in his mind, the date is still on!! He also thinks that the time  and meeting place is flexible and acceptable to both of you!! Somebody wake me up!!!

If I know the professional woman well, we’re always on  the go! We have things and many things to do and many balls to juggle and catch! –  leaving it open will not necessarily work!

I mean for me, I have my day job to see to, demanding clients  and colleagues to please and tease,  even when I don’t feel like doing so, a network  of  interesting people to maintain and the list goes on! All this, involves a lot of hob nobbling after work and a lot of organisation so asking me to leave a date open, hmm, is just not right!!!

So what was I to do when I didn’t hear  from my date during the day? Usually in any normal social engagement circumstance, I expect the guy  to reconfirm an after work meet up and meeting place, as any other girl would!  At the very least, I need to know where I am going!! So if you were me, would you wait or just move on?  Do tell me, WiseGirls!!

Well I didn’t wait, I just carried on with my evening like I would normally do if I didn’t have a date!! I went home, poured myself a healthy glass of chilled  Chardonnay and got lost  in  The Rules!  – I picked this up after reading interesting reviews on Goodreads.   I did learn something interesting which reassured me of my decision!! Rule No 7! -Don’t accept a Saturday Night Date After Wednesday. This rule talks about many  things to look out for when dating,  especially on timing i.e when to and not to accept the date invitation!!! Main takeaway point?;

“although it is typical for men to behave like my date did, as a WiseGirl I set boundaries and define expectations”!!

My date didn’t stand me up, he instead expected me to rock and roll when he called later on in the evening, expecting me to come out!!  Of course that was too late, and he wasn’t happy when I said no!! But it’s a good thing because contrary to popular belief (that he may not call me back again), he did call me back to re arrange our date! Which is scheduled for next week!!

Being a WiseGirl isn’t bad after all, is it?!!

Love you always



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