New dining area and ‘motel room’ hit Mahiki

Good time girl (a mix of mango vodka, passion fruit vanilla ice cream) is par for the course a typically tropical treat at this Sloane-meets-tiki playground for the famous the
wannabes. A mix of models, OK! faces, Chelsea hoorays, flash Ferraris the occasional Windsor congregate in the atmospheric Polynesian Lanai bar, perhaps sharing mini Mahiki burgers or
other American diner classics in the dining area before continuing the party downstairs. Below ground, in the kitsch fantasy of the Aloha Lounge (complete with new ‘motel room’ area boasting a
karaoke machine), all manner of exotic, mind-numbing mixes – from Krakatoa Honolulu honey to Baron Samedi’s brew – are served in vessels that could have been lifted from Pirates of the
Caribbean. Bad behaviour on the dance floor, fuelled by the notorious £650 armada treasure chest (a rum Cristal blast for eight to share), could land you in the gossip columns tomorrow as
you’re papped leaving.

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