The new Health and Fitness sensation Arete Fitness launches a second location in The City

Arete Fitness specialise in transforming the health, life and body of busy professional women around the UK.

They are a community where living a healthy lifestyle is fun, rewarding and results based.

Women typically receive bad advice and are expected to bash a treadmill for hours every day and follow fad diets to achieve results in their fitness.

The health advice coming from government and mass media is so far wide of the mark; no wonder so many women feel alienated by fitness and dislike eating healthily or working out.

The Arete 5 Pillar method fits with even the busiest of schedules. All of the advice can be followed in just 30 minutes a day; working to perfect your mindset, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and habits.

3030-body-blueprint-frontcover-3dThe founders have a combined 9 years of experience working with busy women and achieving results with hundreds of people and recently published their thoughts in the Amazon best-selling book; The 30/30 Body Blueprint.

Their methods have been featured in The Sunday Times, Daily Mail and Daily Express, reaching tens of thousands of British women.

The Fenchurch Street location joins with the current Liverpool Street fitness classes, with both morning and evening slots available.

You get three 30 minute training sessions, plus access to the tailored packages covering their 5 Pillars method to ensure that you achieve results; getting fit, losing weight and toning up, or getting strong and healthy in the process.

Arete Fitness’ mission is to reinvigorating the outdated perception of female health and fitness……. 30 minutes at a time!

Join their fitness community by clicking here to book a week’s trial package … And when you sign up you get a copy of their Amazon best-selling book for free!

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