NEW Health/Fitness Blogger: Introducing Julie Dennis – It’s not easy!

woman on scale worried with her weightWhether you’ve repeatedly tried to get in shape or it’s only just becoming a priority there’s one thing you’ll know for sure – it’s not easy!

Should you eat low fat foods or low carb foods? Should you cut out sugar or maybe start taking supplements? Do you engage a personal trainer, join a gym or buy the latest celebrity DVD? There’s an array of confusing and inconsistent information out there. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to show women just like you, how to think, eat and move in precisely the right way to get your body burning fat rather than storing it.

Where do you start?

You start with your thinking. Picture this: you’re loving your new health kick. Your body shape’s changing, your sleep patterns are improving and your energy levels are soaring. Then suddenly, for no obvious reason you’ve reverted to old habits and you’re back on the biscuits or the coke or the crisps. This is followed by waves of guilt and beating yourself up about lack of willpower. Sound familiar? Well guess what, it’s not about willpower.

It’s estimated that 96% of your thoughts and feelings come from your subconscious mind and only 4% from the conscious mind. So, do not underestimate the power of your subconscious mind and how it can and will sabotage your health and fitness aspirations.

What else?

Did you know that the mixture of a stressful lifestyle and the food that we have become used to eating is knocking our hormones out of balance? Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers and instigate changes within the body. They control everything from the rate at which you burn calories, whether the body starts to breakdown fat or muscle tissue, right through to how you feel at any given moment in time.

Different foods impact how and when hormones are released and how they work with each other. For example, if you’ve eaten a lot of starchy carbohydrates and sugars then this will have an effect on your insulin levels; you only have to look at the increase of Diabetes in the UK for evidence of this. If you’ve had a lot of stress in your life, then your stress hormone cortisol is affected and I don’t just mean stresses like work or relationships. Pollutants, certain foods and even the way in which you exercise can cause your body stress and impact the way you look. Bingo wings, belly fat and chunky thighs can all be the result of hormone imbalance.

Whatever the trigger, be it eating habits, hectic lifestyle or no time to exercise, what happens is your body becomes much better at storing fat than burning it. The good news is that the right type of food and the right type of exercise can affect the ratios of hormones in your body and trigger the response necessary to create a fat burning environment.

What next?

Look out for my smart solutions to lasting health and fitness over the coming weeks to get you on track to achieving the body shape you know you deserve.

About the author

Julie Dennis is a weight loss specialist for women over 40 and through menopause. She is WATC's new fitness and health blogger. Follow Julie’s blog or visit:

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