New international podcast aims to smash barriers and pave the way for women’s leadership, career success and innovation

What do Google, Fast Company and the World Economic Forum have in common?

Key innovative female leaders recognised by all these organisations and more, are featured in a new podcast that shares extraordinary career stories and advice with the aim of inspiring other women to take action.

Sydney board directors and leadership and innovation advisors, Claire Hatton and Greta Thomas, are on a mission to increase the number of women who become leaders in innovation and pioneers in their fields.

Created by the duo, ‘Don’t Stop Us Now!‘ is a new international podcast series, sharing authentic stories and practical advice from pioneering and innovative women from around the globe. The interviews reveal the real person behind the success story, their doubts, fears and tough times and how they overcame them.

Thomas says the world desperately needs more women playing key roles in shaping our future businesses, tech and society.

She said, “For example, women typically make up less than 20 per cent of all expert sources quoted in the print news media in the UK despite the face there are multitudes of perfectly qualified women to whom one could turn.”

“Our podcast aims to help change this reality.”

The podcast has already featured an impressive array of guests, including Silicon Vallely’s Courtney Hohne, the Chief Storyteller for X – The Moonshot Factor (Google’s elite innovation lab); Rachel Botsman, author and thought leader whose TED talks have been viewed more than four million times; and Kate Vale, employee number one at Google Australia & NZ, and at Spotify Australia.

The show also features ‘How to’ episodes which explore common career issues and evidence-based tools to tackle these challenges.

Don’t Stop Us Now! is available on iTunes and all popular podcasting platform.

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