A New Year Game of Simon Says By Zoe Findon

Today let’s play a game of Simon Says. Simon says ask why?

Simon Sinek is the writer of a great book and an amazing Ted talk. His has come up with a theory of How Great Leaders Inspire Action. Yes, I’m sure as successful women you are interested in being influential, but the person I want you to influence here is You.

It’s that time of year again, you know the one where amongst the excess meat and alcohol and in the haze of a hangover you may start reviewing all the things that are wrong, more often than not these things will be self related. Yes, I am talking about New year resolutions.

I’m a coach so of course I’d say there is nothing wrong with goals, I just want to offer a different way of thinking about them. My Grandad always said giving up smoking was easy, he’d done it many times… I want you to find a way not to have to do it many times.

Simon Sinek gives an interesting perspective into why certain brands or figureheads are able to sell more products or lead from the front, even though their competitors may be equally proficient in their respective fields. He gives us the simple concept of the Golden Circle:

  • Outer circle: WHAT do they do? e.g. products, features, benefits, policies etc
  • Middle circle: HOW do they do it? e.g. via technology, functionality, organisational structure, distribution channels, pricing, differentiating proposition, USP etc
  • Inner circle: WHY do they do it? e.g. belief systems, sense of purpose, raison d’etre, core driving principles, motivational factors etc)

If we use the theory of the Golden Circle to look at our New Years resolutions we see that we often choose very rational measurable goals like ‘lose weight’ but perhaps this is just our what, we may then work on our how: diet and exercise. Very SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, relative and time banded) goals. These appeal to the oldest part of our brain, the fight, flight or freeze neo-cortex. This is great for rationalising situations and analysing data but does not tap into our heart or necessarily inspire us to action.

What we need to do is use the part of our brain that has a more direct impact on our behaviour, the part of us that inspires trust and loyalty. We need to trust that this is the best thing we can do to show love to ourselves, we need to appeal to our Limbic brain. What we need is motivation, strong unequivocal motivation

Why do you want to achieve your resolution? How do you want to feel? What’s the real purpose of the resolution? Is it just for its own sake, is it really a how or a what but not quite your why?

Remember where you are now is the perfect starting point for where you want to be. Figure out your why, then your how and what.

Author: Zoe Findon

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