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Research for Channel 4 TV found that 54% of women rarely feel proud of their appearance, 56% of men are often upset by their looks and 70.2% of women and 41.5% of men feel pressure from magazines and television to have a perfect body. It is little wonder that one in five people start a new diet every month.Diet

Many people wonder why 75% of people keep up their new resolutions for just one week – Perhaps people just set the wrong goal for themselves? There are far more options than diet, health and fitness to choose to get you on the path to being the ‘you’ that you want to be:

The more effective method is to address your confidence and self-esteem. Here are a few traits* of the confident:

  • They are unaware of their confidence
  • They direct their attention outwards away from themselves
  • They are less emotional and more effective in their personal and professional lives
  • They have a feeling of being worthy and have self respect
  • They have a favorable appreciation of themselves

A barrier that people place in their own path is aiming for the wrong goals, they aim for things that are just too big and unrealistic for them to achieve and so they give up. They look at role models who are too perfect, who have budgets and support that most people will never have. Is this hindrance or help?

You will find greater satisfaction in crafting your own brand.

 Think of a brand you love:  Apple, Coca Cola, David Beckham, Selfridges – what do these brands mean to you?  A brand name offers predictability, reassurance, trust and confidence

It is not just products that benefit from a brand – people also have brands, it’s the way you present yourself, the way you have been branded by others;

  • What you wear and how you walk and behave: those around you will judge your image and body language long before you speak.
  • What you say and how you say it will create an impression of you to others – your tone of voice having more impact than the words that you speak.

Others are making judgements about you which may not coincide with how you see yourself.

What’s on the lid of your tin?

What three words would you choose to effectively capture the image that you would like to project?

Adventurous, bold, professional, modern, reliable etc… Do the words that you have chosen match how you dress? How you talk? How you present yourself? If you know how you want people to see you then you need to present that image to them.

Dress, posture and facial expression has immense immediate impact on others – so perhaps think about what message these three nonverbal communications are saying. If you want people to see you as confident, professional and interesting – think about how you can look like that without speaking.

Wear the right clothes – they don’t have to be expensive clothes but they do need to fit both you and the environment and the image you want to create.

Get up in time to make an effort – if you don’t then you shouldn’t be surprised if you are judged in a way that makes you unhappy.

Practice good posture – you would gain more benefit in appearance in the short and long term from attending a yoga class than from a failed diet or excessive gym antics that are short lived. Yoga has effects on posture, on agility and flexibility and subsequently teaches you to breathe and relax. This ability is a powerful tool to have in your tool kit; relaxed people think and reflect which enables them to make better decisions. If you can’t get to a yoga class there are plenty of YouTube freebies and even the Wii fit has some great yoga techniques on it.

Smile, hold your chin up and sparkle – people gravitate towards others like that.

Be interested – if you want to be interesting – it gives you something to talk about and keep your mind active.

If you set your new year goals to reflect the image you want to have and the way that you want to be seen by others, you are likely to have more success. Do you need to lose weight or do you need to wear clothes that fit you, suit you and are well presented?

Do you need a six pack or do you need to stand tall with your shoulders back and a smile on your face?

Do you make an entrance into a room or do you slide in under the door?

How you look on the outside reflects how you feel on the inside. How you look affects your attitude, your decisions and often what plans you choose to make (or not make)The way you look and feel about yourself influences your confidence.

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