‘An apprenticeship gives you the benefit of a qualification and experience’, says Andrew Kingston, Web & Social Media Administrator

Andrew Kingston, Web & Social Media Administrator, former apprenticeship
This week sees thousands of 16 year olds collecting their GCSE results across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

On Thursday 25th August, teenagers will finally be able to see those long awaited results. Many will choose to go on to a Sixth Form College and take their A-Levels, but there has also been a rise of young people taking up an apprentice.

Andrew completed his apprenticeship working for a London theatre. Whilst working at WeAreTheCity, he is studying for a Level 3 diploma in Social Media for a Business with City & Guilds.

Why did you decide to enrol in an apprenticeship?

I decided to enrol on an apprenticeship on the grounds that I sought to gain more from my time in education other than spending five days a week stuck in a classroom. An apprenticeship offers an individual a chance to gain invaluable experience and qualifications that can set you on the right track to achieving a successful career in your desired industry.

What skills has your apprenticeship taught you?

My apprenticeship taught me many skills that I would not have necessarily gained through mainstream education, such as schools and colleges. Skills such as time-keeping, workload management, financial practices and management, skills with professional editing software and access to unique tools used by industry professionals and leaders are but a few which I picked up throughout my time as an apprentice. These have helped to equip me for life in a professional workplace.

What are the advantages of an apprenticeship?

I would say there are lots of advantages for an individual choosing an apprenticeship. One of the main ones that persuaded me was gaining a unique qualification, equivalent to A-Levels, but specific to your desired industry that would set you apart from other candidates. Another was the access to professional experience within your desired industry. When applying for a position, having experience within that sector is equally as important as having a qualification and an apprenticeship gives you the benefit of both as well as a basic wage.

Do you think your apprenticeship helped you get a job?

I would definitely say that having been an apprentice benefits you when applying for a job and competing with other applicants. It equips you with the necessary skills to enter a workplace confident that you can fulfil the expectations and demands of a professional role. The qualification and experience also acts as another USP as a candidate when applying for a role.

What tips/advice would you give someone looking to do an apprenticeship?

My advice to anyone looking to become an apprentice is to be sure of your plan. Make sure you have an idea in your mind and a drive to achieve it. The apprenticeship will give you the experience you need for a certain career path, but it’s the drive to achieve and succeed that will make you successful. There will be others with qualifications and experience, but it’s what you make out of your placement and opportunity that will make you stand out from the rest.

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