Women’s Equality Party adds two Scottish Parliament candidates to May election lineup

Women's Equality Party
The Women’s Equality Party (WE) has added two Scottish Parliament candidate strings to its bow.

(WE) unveiled Lee Chalmers and Annie Beetham as their candidates for the Scottish Parliament elections this coming May.

Chalmers (44) runs a leadership consultancy and will represent Lothian. Beetham (61) is a retired teacher and will stand in Glasgow.

“We have a chance to make Scotland the first gender equal country in the world,” said Chalmers.

“I want to work with all the parties in Scotland to put gender equality at the heart of policy-making.”

The WE candidates will use the opportunity to highlight issues such as women’s safety, shared parental leave, and equal opportunity for girls at school and women in work.

Beetham said: “We want women to play an active part in all areas of life, breaking down the gender barriers that mean just 3% of Scottish chartered civil engineers are women, or that 2% of classroom assistants are men.

“I’m proud to live in Scotland, and believe that a vote for the Women’s Equality Party in May will drive us to become a world-leading country for gender equality.”

“It’s time gender equality was at the top of the political agenda,” added Chalmers. “No more excuses.”

Party Leader Sophie Walker recently met with Nicola Sturgeon, calling for ring-fenced money for services that specialise in women who have suffered violence and abuse.

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