NHS pushes for more women in boardrooms with 50:50 gender quotas

The National Health Service is introducing a 50:50 gender quota, in order to get more women in its boardrooms.

NHS logo (F)The NHS is pushing for more senior positions to be filled by women, after health watchdogs said it would improve the quality of decision-making.

Women, the regulator reported, had a more ‘collaborative style of leadership’ which would help the NHS during the worst financial crisis in its history.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Helen Buckingham, NHS Improvement executive director of corporate affairs said, “We nee to develop a collaborative style of leadership and generalising hugely, that is still associated with women. The challenges the NHS are facing are such that they can’t be developed by an organisation on their own.”

Continuing, Buckingham said, “This isn’t about being politically correct, there is evidence that diverse boards make better decisions.”

The news hasn’t come without its controversy. LBC Radio presenter Nick Ferrari voiced his concerns for gender quotas, arguing that people should be hired on their merits, rather than their gender.

Speaking on his show, Ferrari said, “Health watchdogs are saying more women need to be brought into the boardroom to improve the quality of decision making. Why?”

“NHS is facing the worst financial crisis in its history and the regulator said female leaders are associated with a more collaborative style of leadership.”

“Are they? I worked for a number of bosses down the line and one of the biggest clinkers for whom I ever worked was a woman – absolutely hopeless, totally hopeless.”

“I also worked another woman is very, very bright and had fantastic leadership.”

“But I’ve worked for men who are completely and utterly stupid, just plain pig stupid. It’s nothing to do with their gender whatsoever.”



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