Nicole Kidman pledges to work with a female director every 18 months

Nicole Kidman
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Actress Nicole Kidman has pledged to work with a female director, at least every 18 months.

Kidman is currently promoting her new film, The Beguiled, which is directed by Sofia Coppola. Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival, she said, “Only 4.2 per cent of women directed major motion pictures of 2016.”

“That’s a statistic from the Women in Film group.”

“There were 4,000 episodic TV series and only 183 women directed them.”

“That there says it all.”

“I think that’s an important thing to say and keep saying.”

“We have Jane Champion [director of TV series Top of the Lake] and Sofia here.”

“We, as women have to support female directors.”

“That’s just a given now.”

“Hopefully it will change over time, but people keep saying, ‘oh it’s so different now’, but it isn’t – listen to that.”

In January, the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film reported that women were responsible for directing just seven per cent of the top 250 films in 2016.

The annual report also discovered that the number of female directors has fallen by two per cent since 2015. Shockingly, the number of women was also below that achieved in 1998.

Hollywood and the film industry has faced increased criticism within the past few years, with many stars calling out misogyny, female representation and equal pay.

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