Nine no-fail tips for giving constructive criticism at work | Infographic

One of the most important factors in professional development at all organisations is having access to frequent feedback.

By checking in often with a manager or mentor, employees are better positioned to continue to grow and improve. While these conversations are essential to employee success, they can sometimes be challenging. This is especially true when the conversation is negative in nature.

However, it’s essential that both employees and managers do not shy away from these discussions! Companies that prioritize frequent feedback, even when it means engaging in tough conversations, typically have greater employee engagement and less turnover. Employees at these companies are also more likely to have a clear picture of their performance and are usually able to develop more quickly.

If you struggle with giving constructive criticism, look no further! Fundera created this awesome infographic that provides nine helpful tips for providing negative feedback in a constructive manner. Read on to learn how to give criticism that’s both honest and helpful.

9 No-Fail Tips for Giving Constructive Criticism at Work

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