No FTSE 100 company has more women on the board than men

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Routine industry research and analysis conducted by Manyminds, the digital agency made up of expert independent resource, has uncovered that there are no FTSE 100 Board of Directors with more women sitting at the table than men.

Kirsty Hulse, Founder and MD of Manyminds said, “It is no secret that we are still a way off from true gender equality in the workplace and there is still a drum to bang about discrimination in the workplace.”

The research which looked at the published information* around FTST 100 Board of Director numbers found that only 27% of all FTSE 100 company board positions occupied were taken by women and some companies still had as little as one woman sitting on their boards, amongst as many as 11 men.

Kirsty continues, “At Manyminds, we work hard to champion gender equality and I’m proud to say that the flexible work opportunities we provide our employees, enable both women and men the freedom that they need to have a healthy work life balance. When you give your team the autonomy to manage their own work environment and time, it completely balances the professional playing field, giving everyone an opportunity to reach their career goals without making sacrifices in other areas of their lives.”

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report, gender parity is still over 200 years away.

Kirsty concludes, “It would be naive of any of us to expect equal professional opportunity to happen overnight. However, as responsible business owners, it’s so important that we make positive changes now, not just because it’s fair, or perceived as the right thing to do, but also because we owe it to our future generations.”

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