No super woman fairy tale


I decided to write for WATC as I am sure I deal with like minded readers. One of the things in common is, I hope, that we don’t believe in harmful fairy-tales. Harmful you say?

Yes, one of the most harmful modern fairy tales is the “super woman” trend. It first sneaked in through the “look good” pressure via the fashion industry, then the working issue where women had to prove themselves rather than being naturally supported like men. We need to speak few languages, prove that we are capable of 12 hours a day, be super ambitious, be skinny, want kids but fit them in with our careers, great in bed, have time for our friends and don’t forget his.

Main thing -YOU are supposed to do everything else as well.

Book holidays, sort out admin, open mail, pay bills, keep the house always tidy, cook, arrange kids activities, dinners, work, play, smile, be happy…

Right, any time to breathe? Where is your time?

As a woman I decided to be healthy, successful, beautiful and sane! I am in control of all things. How? I delegate my weaknesses and focus on my strengths. Otherwise I might lose control due to over-worked, bad concentration or loss of memory.

I work crazy hours as that is my priority but whilst I book myself for a massage or have a great time with a man over dinner, my assistant is working on a spreadsheet I dislike. While I am on a client conference call she is opening my mail and sorting admin. That way I do what I want, earn money and have a reliable help to reach to.

I never looked better, had more money or spent more time with people I love as I do now.

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