Nominate for the Timewise Power 50 awards

 Our friends at Timewise have spent the last 10 years championing flexible working – and the workplace is finally catching up.

But if flexibility is to become the new normal, it needs to start at the top. Real, lasting change will only happen if there’s a big shift in the number of senior leaders who work this way.

Their latest research reveals that an astonishing 87 per cent of the UK’s full-time workforce either work flexibly or wish they were doing so. Almost as many men (84 per cent) as women (91 per cent) say they would prefer to work this way, and it’s a high priority across the ages, from Millennials to baby boomers and everyone in between.

So to reflect the shift in attitudes to flexible working, Timewise have taken their annual Power Part Time list a step further with the Timewise Power 50 awards, featuring exciting new categories that reflect the way flexibility is working today.

Nominate your flexible stars by Friday 3 November 2017

The ‘Timewise Power 50’ awards – are a new roll-call of the UK’s top flexible workers, reflecting the changing shape of today’s workplace and how jobs are designed – in partnership with EY, Dixons Carphone and Diageo.

Timewise Joint CEO Karen Mattison is today calling – along with a judging panel including some of the UK’s most prominent business leaders – for nominations for the following five new categories:

  • The Power Part Timers
  • The Power Climbers
  • The Power Job Sharers
  • The Power Returners
  • The Power Founders

And because flexibility works best when employers really get behind it, Timewise have also launched two employer awards, for forward-thinking businesses and organisations who have demonstrated an innovative approach to flexibility:

  • Employer Award: Flexible Job Design
  • Employer Award: Flexible Hiring

Karen Mattison MBE, Joint CEO, Timewise says: As our new research clearly shows, flexible working is the first choice for men and women of all ages; today’s workforce don’t just want flexibility, they expect it. So if we’re going to make sure the workplace delivers, we need to discover the best, bring them into the spotlight and make flexibility the new normal. Personally, I can’t wait. Here’s to our new Power 50 awards!”

So if you know of someone who is making a success of flexibility, or an organisation which is delivering true flexibility in the workplace, please nominate them by Friday November 2017.

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