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Global Tribal Network logoThis network has been created by Ogunte to provide a platform for Women Social Innovators. They host an array of informal networking events for anyone who is interested in social enterprise. The network also provides a wealth of information, knowledge and guidance for the Social Enterprise community.

Connect with your social enterprise community and have fun.

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 A Better World. Powered by Women

Who are Ogunte?

Ogunte is a Social Innovations Development Company. There sole purpose is to provide advice, information and guidance for women’s social enterprises. They promote Social leadership and innovation aiming to create robust social businesses, projects, and networks.

They are dedicated to bringing together influential, connected women with strong views on social and environmental issues. They believe women can make a difference and have realistic and sensible answers to pressing social and environmental issues.

Their mission is to harness a vast set of women’s skills to create thriving social businesses, projects and networks; with help and support from the network members, they are actively building trading and learning platforms which will crack into mainstream supply chains and commissioning processes.


  • Programmes for women around networking which aim to develop self-esteem, project management, leadership and innovation.
  • Community strategy days for groups and enterprises.
  • Various discussions, debates and seminars all focused on social innovation.
  • They also offer a magazine wherein their events and programmes are publicised: click here to view.

Benefits of Membership

Their customers believe that their interventions bring bold innovative thinking, vitality and efficiency back into the area of social ventures development. The customers trust that the team will grow their networking, leadership and social business development skills. They find that the events and coaching is essential to prepare them for impact investment.

The many benefits when starting with Ogunte include being able to:

  • Build strong social leadership skills
  • Develop sustainable working relationships
  • Develop and to grow you social venture
  • Become part of relevant networks
  • Create vast learning opportunities for both you and your stakeholders
  • Setup resourcing strategies which will allow you to eventually access more contacts, support, networks, funding, technology and mentors.
  • Plan for sustainable and positive change and take collective action
  • Reflect and develop your own practice and role as a social leader in your organisation and within the world

The overall impact and benefits of being involved with Ogunte and the Global Tribal Network include:

  • Your comprehension of business and campaigning would have increased
  • You would have helped your team and communities by passing on your skills
  • You would have developed and increased your influence and self-confidence
  • You would have begun to trade, learn and grow with a privileged network of people set on sustainable development.

Contact Details
Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +44(0)79 32982379

Click here to access their pages.

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