Organising a capsule wardrobe for Spring

springcleanAlthough still officially winter, we may still get some snow and ice; even so it would be a good idea to think about the warmer weather and start to organise suitable clothing. The shops and stores are already stocking their spring collections. There is also a wide choice online.

When selecting clothes for a capsule wardrobe choose good quality fabrics and items which are interchangeable in order to maximize the number of outfits you have.  The aim is to have a suitable outfit for any occasion without having too many clothes. This is best achieved by buying clothing in colours which coordinate. Choose clothing which will not easily date and which will last for a number of seasons.

Susie Faux, who coined the phrase ‘The Capsule Wardrobe’ suggests that a woman’s typical capsule wardrobe should contain at least “two pairs of perfectly fitting trousers, a dress or a skirt which can be worn at formal occasions, a well fitting jacket, a coat, a cardigan, two pairs of shoes, flat and heeled, and two bags – a small formal one and a larger bag for every day.” You can add a couple of blouses, tops and a summer dress.

Choose accessories to complement your outfit.

Before choosing contrasting colours or accessories to go with the base colours, consider your complexion; hold different coloured pieces of material under your chin and see which ones bring you to life or which drain you. Do not forget that as you age some colours will affect you differently.

Next choose a couple of contrasting, brighter colours such as white, red, pink, blue, green, orange, cream, or any of the other colours which bring you to life,  for clothing such as dresses, tops, blouses, shirts, scarfs, ties and other accessories. Make sure that all the colours complement each other. If you like patterns choose classic patterns which stay in fashion and will not date.

Men will need a perfectly fitted light-weight suit in a neutral color which can be worn for formal and business occasions and can be split to wear with other clothing.

Have at least one white or light blue dress shirt and three smart and casual shirts. A good mix would be three solids, one stripe and one patterned shirt.

You need a jacket, a couple of ties and a couple of light V-neck sweaters

A well designed coat, two pairs of shoes which complement your outfit – one dressy and one casual. Several pairs of plain cotton socks.

Your accessories, such as a tie, belts and a watch, should add interest to you outfit. Replace items as they wear so you’ll always look well put-together and stylish.

It will always be worth your while to take a look at a couple of good quality fashion magazines and also check out websites of various online fashion companies. It is also worth checking out the big supermarkets who stock really affordable up to date fashion items.

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