Our top inspirational interviews for April

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In our latest monthly round-up we take a look at our favourite, most uplifting Inspirational Women & HeForShe interviews from April.

Our Inspirational Women series of interviews aims to highlight amazing women across the globe, showcase their achievements and raise their profiles. Over the years, we have interviewed so many amazing women such as Cherie Blair, Angie Greaves, Baroness Mary Goudie, Sarah Willingham and many more.

Our HeForShe interviews celebrate men who promote and support women in the workplace, whether it is through campaigning, mentoring or giving opportunities to women.

Discover our editor’s pick of inspirational interviews for April below:

Seffie Wells featuredInspirational Woman: Seffie Wells | Founder & CEO, aidie London

Seffie Wells is a multi award-winning British impact entrepreneur and product designer.

Awarded in UK Parliament for her contribution to business and economy, Seffie is a Psychologist by training who founded multi award-winning British baby brand aidie London, a trusted, high-quality provider of specialised products designed to actively enhance Cognitive function in babies. Founded less than 2 years ago, Seffie’s business has won more than 20 awards.

Read Seffie’s full interview here.

Kamila Rollan featuredInspirational Woman: Kamila Rollan | Founder, Education For All

While studying a Master’s at Nazarbayev University’s Graduate School of Education, Kamila Rollan realised that inclusive education in Kazakhstan was almost non-existent and saw an opportunity to help marginalised youth gain access to school and education.

At only 22 years old, she founded ‘Education For All’, a non-profit organization aimed at supporting inclusive education development in Kazakhstan.

Read Kamila’s full interview here.

Kristy Chong featuredInspirational Woman: Kristy Chong | Founder & CEO, Modibodi

Kristy Chong is the founder and CEO of Modibodi, the original protective apparel brand and it’s on a mission to get everyone mentioning their unmentionables, and to save the planet one pair at a time.

Read Kristy’s full interview here.



REBECCA ROWE featuredInspirational Woman: Rebecca Rowe | Firefighter, London Fire Brigade

From playing international sport to working in male dominated environments Rebecca Rowe knows no boundaries to gender stereotyping when it comes to success.

She has competed in the rugby World Cup and six nations for Wales, won world championships in surf life saving and rowed for Great Britain.

Read Rebecca’s full interview here.

Nichole Sahin featuredInspirational Woman: Nicole Sahin | CEO & Founder, Globalization Partners

Founder and CEO of Globalization Partners, Nicole Sahin created the company’s innovative Global Expansion Platform™, which empowers businesses to hire anyone, anywhere within a few business days – expanding their global footprint without the need to set up in country branch offices or subsidiaries.

Read Nicole’s full interview here.


Anushi Desai featuredInspirational Woman: Anushi Desai | Founder, Plant Pops

My name is Anushi Desai and I am the founder of award-winning snack brand Plant Pops, which creates a range of plant-based snacks using ancient grains and seeds from around the world – starting with popped lotus seeds.

I founded Plant Pops about 18 months ago and we launched our product a year ago.

Read Anushi’s full interview here.


Inspirational Woman: Paula Rhone-Adrien | Family Law Barrister

My name is Paula Rhone-Adrien and I am a practising Barrister. I have successfully practised for over 20 years at the English Bar and I specialise in divorce, disputes between parents regarding their children and cases concerning the welfare of a child. I’m often told I don’t look like a ‘Barrister’ and it’s true I don’t fit the stereotypical picture.

Read Paula’s full interview here.


GEORGINA GILBERT featuredInspirational Woman: Georgina Gilbert | Firefighter, South Wales Fire & Rescue Service

Georgina is a Firefighter, serving in South Wales Fire and Rescue service. With over 20 years experience Georgina has seen many different incidents in her career, some tragic and distressing.

Some unusual and some just too obscure to even believe! Georgina insists that although she has a lot of experience, no two jobs are the same and on every shout you learn something different, and that’s what makes the job so exciting and rewarding.

Read Georgina’s full interview here.

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