Overcome the hurdles to the boardroom with the Women on Boards Bursary Programme

Women on boards bursary programme

The Bursary Programme offered by Women on Boards is a commendable initiative to address the issue of the underrepresentation of women in the boardroom.

The programme not only provides financial support but also offers valuable training opportunities to help women advance their board careers.

By offering six bursaries to women who may not have the financial means to start their signature Boardroom Journey, Women on Boards is removing financial barriers and ensuring that talented women are not held back by economic circumstances. This opens up the door to a wider pool of talented women who may not have had access to such opportunities before.

The signature Boardroom Journey includes:

  • One year’s Full Membership of Women on Boards UK;
  • Our signature Get on Board workshop;
  • 1-on-1 personal Board CV review;
  • Member-only ‘Check-Ins’ (two per month);
  • A place on our May Peer Support Group cohort;
  • Our Board CV online course;
  • Our Vacancy Board, containing 100s of board vacancies;
  • Access to our growing webinar library, including two chargeable online webinars;
  • A 1-on-1 “board campaign” consultation;
  • Charity Board Papers online;
  • Pre-interview support for every board interview secured.

Applications close at midnight on Friday 31st March. 


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