Today’s parents dread giving career advice

Parents career advice
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A recent survey of both parents and children has revealed that parent’s are feeling unconfident to give career advice to their children, even more so than giving them the sex education talk.

According to research conducted by PageGroup, a global recruitment specialist, 25% of parents feel unqualified to guide their children on career decisions. 55% of those surveyed worry that the advice they do give is out of date. Parents feel so unconfident to give career advice that more stated it would be a worse conversation than having to talk about sex education to their teenagers.

The statistics also revealed that one in three teenagers say they don’t receive the career advice they need to achieve their goals, whilst just 29% think the advice they receive in school is ‘good’. Whilst the stats reveal that parent’s have little faith in their own abilities, almost half of 14-18 year old’s surveyed rated their parents advice and help as ‘good’.  A massive 95% of parents want more ‘practical, hands-on’ work guidance for their children.

When surveying the third sample group- young people in their first jobs, 76% of those revealed they feel dissatisfied at work, and that advice from school was not useful.

One of the key reasons cited by parent’s for feeling like they cannot offer adequate advice was due to the speed of change in the workforce, whilst 50% stated they were unaware of new jobs and emerging sectors. In addition, parents think their own role or profession could even outdated by the time their teenage children enter the workforce.

Nick Kirk, Regional Managing Director, PageGroup, stated:

 “This is exactly where companies like PageGroup should be stepping in. Our experts have been running bespoke careers workshops across the country for the past two years – and the feedback we’ve received has been phenomenal. Leaving education and entering the world of work is a daunting milestone, and we find many of the young people we talk to share the same concerns as their parents. As recruitment experts and experienced professionals, it’s our job to ensure the next generation are equipped with the right information and advice to land on their feet, no matter what goal they’re pursuing.”


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