Parents who have lost a child could get statutory paid leave under proposed new law

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Employed parents who have lost a child could be entitled to statutory paid leave, under a proposed new law.

The new law, supported by the government and being introduced to Parliament, would mean that for the first time, parents who are employed and have suffered the death of a child would receive statutory paid leave to grieve.

Currently, there is no legal requirement for employers to provide paid leave for grieving parents. Under the Employment Rights Act, employees are entitled to take a “reasonable” amount of unpaid time off work to deal with an emergency involving the death of a dependant.

However, the Parental Bereavement (Pay and Leave) Bill is seeking to ensure grieving parents in employment receive paid leave to grieve away from the workplace.

The Bill will deliver the government’s pledge to “enhance rights and protections in the workplace.’

Introducing the Bill to Parliament, Kevin Hollinrake MP said, “This is such an important Bill for parents going through the most terrible of times.”

“There is a little any of us can do to help, but at least we can make sure that every employer will give them time to grieve.”

“I have represented a number of constituents who have had to deal with the tragedy of losing a child and I am honoured to be able to do something to help parents in these desperate circumstances.”

Business Minister Margot James added, “The loss of a child is a traumatic experience for any parent.”

“For parents holding down a job at the same time as dealing with their grief it can be doubly stressful.”

“We want parents to get the support they need at this deeply upsetting time that is why government is supporting this Private Members Bill which will introduce statutory paid bereavement leave for employed parents.”

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