Coach: Patti Drewek | Personal Performance & Confidence Coach

Personal Performance & Confidence CoachWe all consider hiring a Personal Trainer when our bodies get out of shape right? Well why don’t most of us hire a Personal Performance & Confidence Coach when our ‘lives’ get out of shape? You see, ‘sound body, sound mind’ isn’t just a myth. If our minds are not in balance then it’s almost certain our bodies won’t be and vice versa.

My Personal Performance and Confidence Coaching Sessions will help you identify clearer goals in life and support you with regaining control. The key to success is balance and most of us fail to do this. We often concentrate on the wrong things in life because this is what we perceive to be right. That stops the minute you make the decision to change! Let me join you on your journey of rediscovery and support you to make the most out of life. You only live once they say, so why not make the most of it?

Finding a Personal Performance & Confidence Coach

Prime Locations: I coach my clients face to face in a chosen Central London location. If you do not live locally or are unable to meet in Central London, an option of Skype or Face Time coaching is also available.

Coaching Profile: Life, Corporate

Average cost per session: For more details on my coaching programmes and up to date fee information, please email me directly at [email protected]


WeAreTheCity are happy to provide a list of coaches that you may consider engaging with either as a life coach or as a careers coach.  However, we advise all our members to research all individuals prior to engagement to ensure the right fit.

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