The Perfect Gift Idea for Every Office Occasion

669435zWhether you’re looking for a way to thank a colleague for helping you out or even for something to buy for your boss’ birthday, giving gifts in the workplace can be a tricky one to navigate. You’re never quite sure how much to spend and on top of that, there’s all kinds of business etiquette that you need to remember. With this in mind, we bring you our guide to buying the perfect gift for every social occasion in the work place.

For Your Co-workers

There are plenty of reasons that you might want to buy a little gift for your co-worker: to congratulate a job well done or a promotion, to celebrate a birthday, engagement or pregnancy, or to empathise with an illness, a loss or a departure. Showing support for a colleague strengthens the bonds between you and results in a friendlier, happier team that are happy to work together. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either; even offering to take a colleague out to lunch courtesy of the bank of you will really make their day.

Something as simple as sending a sweet bunch of flowers can really show a colleague that you’ve crossed their mind – but be sure to get the tone right. Steer clear of roses and instead, choose a bouquet of cheery, bright flowers that are pretty without being too personal. If flowers aren’t suitable, try something thoughtful like a book by an author you’ve spotted on their desk or a Wowcher for an evening show or some pampering at the local salon. With co-workers, the idea is that you’re all equals and no one is better than anyone else, so a good way to look at it is to spend an amount that you’d like to be spent on you and be as personal as you think is appropriate.

For Your Boss

Sending a gift to your boss can be a tricky business – you don’t want to look like the teacher’s pet! To avoid trying too hard or risking being accused of favouritism, try and stick to group gifts when it’s your boss’ birthday or work anniversary. Organise a whip round in the office and get everyone to donate a few pounds (no one will want to be the only one that doesn’t pay) and you’ll soon be able to buy a really great gift and your boss is sure to appreciate the thought and the effort that’s gone into it.

Try to steer clear of jokey gifts (unless you can be sure that your boss will find it funny) and be sure to remember what they don’t like – this is perhaps more important that remembering what they do like. For example, a bottle of wine won’t go down well with a teetotal boss and you’ll look like you don’t listen. Stick to something more generic and you should be on the right track. Practical gifts such as (not too expensive!) gadgets or something useful for the office are a good idea, try website for inspiration. Sure, they might not be overly exciting, but it’s best to leave the personal gifts to your boss’ friends and family.

For Your Client

Whether a follow up to a business meeting or as a thank you for accepting a particular proposal, sending gifts to clients can be an excellent way to break the ice and form a strong bond with one another. A great rule of thumb to follow when thinking about gifts for a client is finding something that can be shared amongst a number of people, perhaps around their own office. This way, the gift isn’t too personal but the thought is still there! Gourmet food baskets filled with expensive cheeses or delicious chocolates are sure to be a hit – and will cater to all tastes. If your client is based internationally, go the extra mile to really impress with an international flower delivery from a company such as FloraQueen that sends bouquets all over the globe.

By Josie Sampson

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