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As fashion becomes more accessible to all and the lines are blurred between traditional work wear and what we might throw on for smart casual at the weekend – it’s easy to think that anything goes for your feet in the office these days.

In truth if you feel good in your faithful black round toe or that statement kitten heel, then you’ll rock your outfit all day long.   But if not, here are some style tips on how to pick the right shoes for a day in the office that will easily carry you on through to those client drinks in the evening.


There’s no doubt a heel looks great in the office.  We all know the benefits are not just in making our legs look catwalk-esque, but walking in a pair of heels can do wonders for our confidence.  Go on, give them a try, you will stand taller from within and exude assertiveness.  Now the heels don’t have to be sky high, we’re talking Kate Middleton rather than Katie Price.  We’re going for stability not tottery.  Anything from a kitten heel and up works – as long as you feel comfortable in it and can walk into the boardroom with elegance and poise.

In terms of fashion, this season is more about the point rather than a round toe but again that clearly comes down to preferred style and comfort.  I would say a point toe can work wonders under a trouser suit and certainly helps balance out a tailored look for the taller lady, whereas a round toe with a high heel looks fab with a pencil skirt and as it’s generally shorter, it can add an illusion of height.


As working women we ask a lot of our shoes (why do you think so many of us still don our sensible trainers to commute) but if you’re planning on wearing a pair of shoes, especially with heels all day, then clearly quality needs to play a big role.  The old adage you get what you pay for, really does ring true here.  Shoes made from the softest (which equates to strongest) materials on the upper that fit your feet well with a good leather sole, will ensure maximum comfort and durability.  Look for shoes that even put extra gel cushioning under the heel.  We all love leather and patent and rightly so, but don’t be afraid to wear suede.  Good quality suede (treated with a quick suede spray before initial outing) can wear just as well as our leather and patent friends.


You don’t want your shoes making more of a statement than you do.  Neutral tones are best in the office.  As we step into Spring and we can bear to push our opaques to the back of the drawer – taupes, tans and greys can step forward.  These shades look great with navy blue and still work with our faithful black trousers and a pop of colour in a silk blouse or patterned top.  As pastel colours dominate the runway too – a soft coloured suede heel can just be a stunning contrast to a tailored darker outfit.

Your shoes can say a lot about you and are often a forgotten part of an outfit you’ve spent hours planning.  Experiment with your shoes – be it in colour, heel height or style.   And whatever you do don’t be seduced by a trend if you’re not comfortable wearing it.

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Nicola Renshaw – Designer and Co-Founder of Zapita. Formed in 2005, Zapita began as a ‘Shoe & Champagne’ party business in SW London, UK.  Now with a boutique in Farnham Surrey, a full events calendar every year across the UK, and online at, Zapita offers stylish, classic and unique shoes in limited editions for today’s modern woman.






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