Pharrell Williams speaks at NYU graduation: “Imagine the possibilities when women are not held back.”

Pharrell Williams

Musician and producer Pharrell Williams has spoken out in support of women’s equality, praising the generation for their social attitudes.

Williams was at New York University receiving an honorary doctorate degree

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the Tisch School of Arts, Williams said, “Speaking to you guys today has me charged up.”

“As you find your ways to serve humanity, it gives me great comfort knowing this generation is the first that understands that we need to lift up our women.”

“Imagine the possibilities when we remove imbalance from the ether.”

“Imagine the possibilities when women are not held back.”

“Your generation is unravelling deeply entrenched laws, principles and misguided values that have held women back for far too long and therefore, have held us all back.”

“The world you will live in will be better for it.”

“This is the first generation that navigates the world with the security and confidence to treat women as equal.”

“You are the first ever.”

“Our country has never seen this before.”

“It makes people uncomfortable.”

“But just imagine the possibilities.”

Watch the full speech below:


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