Pioneers for Change Fellowship: Do you want to be a catalyst for positive change?


Pioneers for Change Fellowship is a powerful 6-month personal and professional development experience with an awe-inspiring 2 day gathering in London on 23-24 March 2015, followed by 6-months of virtual one-to-one executive coaching and mentoring with a team committed to moving our world, and you, forward.

Why attend?
  1. Combine the latest thinking, hands-on practice, and guidance from expert contributors at the forefront of their fields, who have an ambitious vision of what a better future looks like.
  2. Tackle opportunities and challenges together to create a personal manifesto to make the world a better place.
  3. Be supported for 6-months by talented and remarkable innovators and leaders.
  4. A tailored, independent and intimate forum with attendees who are not expected to sit back and listen, but rather, bring their talents to the roundtable.
  5. Gain new perspectives, a network of brilliant people and insights from diverse, like-minded others.
  6. As a social enterprise, generous support enables us to offer the Fellowship for £1,500 per person.

Our Huffington Post Pioneers for Change blog shares stories, wisdom and insight of those on a journey to make the world a better place. We welcome 500-700 word contributions from individuals who are willing to share their experience of how and why they are  making a difference.

Contact [email protected] to request a Fellowship application or editorial guidelines to publish your story on the blog.  Visit: