Do you have a plan to make your dreams come true?

Leanne Lindsey-writingIt is common knowledge that when you are working towards a goal in life, it is important to take consistent action. However, if that action is not planned, you can end up doing lots of different things, only to discover that you are moving no closer to achieving your goal.

A dream is no different to a goal; they are one and the same. However, for some reason many people are less focused and organised with making their dreams a reality.

I think this because as a concept, a dream is quite abstract. As a result, many people fail to plan to make their dreams come true. Instead they take occasional, ad-hoc action and then feel totally disappointed and frustrated when after some time they are still no closer to making their dreams come true.

To achieve any goal in life, it is almost always essential to have a plan of some sort. A plan gives you clarity and direction and helps you to maintain your focus.

Not only does a plan give you a purpose and an intention, it also outlines the actions you need to take, and in what order. Planning forces you to consider the details of your goal. For example, knowing you want to change career is not enough as there are multiple steps you need to take and consider.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~ Larry Elder

Think of a plan as a written contract with yourself and a logical and effective way of making your dreams come true.

If you are working towards a goal and you have not already done so, create a plan and consider the following:
  1. Be specific

Detail all the actions you need to take and, when they need to be completed by.  Additionally, identify any resources you will need and any support that is required.

  1. Be accountable

Identify a person or group of people you trust and share your plan with them. Let them know the actions you are going to take and when you will complete them.

  1. Be consistent

Regularly review the actions you have on your plan to ensure you are meeting deadlines and have the support and resources you need. Reviewing your plan regularly also gives you the chance to assess your commitment to your goal and acknowledge any progress you have made.

There are many ways for you to document and monitor your plan. You can use a paper diary or a calendar on an electronic device. If you like details and would like something more sophisticated, there are a number of apps available that enable you to track and manage plans, many of which are free.

It is important to choose a method that works for you and that meets your needs.

What is your plan for making your dreams come true?

Leanne LindseyAuthor Bio:

Leanne Lindsey loves inspiring, motivating and empowering women who have had enough of feeling demotivated, fed up and unfulfilled to create a career and life they love. She is a Career and Lifestyle Fulfilment Coach and author of Get A Career & Life You Love, who has experienced redundancy, a complete career change, starting a small business and as a result is enjoying what she calls “the sweetness of life”.

Through 1-1 coaching, workshops and writing, Leanne works predominantly with women who are considering a career change or craving a more fulfilled life, to identify any limiting beliefs, find inspiration, get creative, explore their options, rediscover their purpose and develop a plan for living a more meaningful life, full of happiness, joy, peace and abundance.

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