How to Plan a Stunning and Stress-Free Honeymoon

You’re a busy, ambitious woman with a high-flying career who is trying to scale your way to the top.

How to Plan a Stunning and Stress-Free HoneymoonBut you’re also a woman with a ring on her finger, and you’re trying to fit wedding and honeymoon planning around your already hectic schedule. Never fear, it is perfectly possible to do both without becoming a nervous wreck.

Here’s how you can use those all-important organisational and time management skills that you’ve developed in your business life to help plan your dream honeymoon with minimum stress.

Prioritise – take a mini-moon and plan your honeymoon later

When you have too many tasks to do at the office, you have to work out what to prioritise. The same principles apply to wedding and honeymoon prep.

The weeks prior to a long holiday are always stressful anyway, since you have to wrap up all your work and handover what you can to colleagues. Why not get around this stress by taking a week or so off for your wedding and mini-moon instead? Prioritising the mini-moon is a great excuse to book two trips, and it means you will still have something to look forward to once the wedding is over.

Save lengthier trips to far-flung luxury holiday destinations – like the Caribbean, the Maldives or the Far East – for a proper honeymoon at a later date. Delaying some of the planning and preparation work until after your wedding ceremony will soothe the stress you may feel in the weeks running up to that Big Day.

Delegate – get family and friends to help out

You and your partner probably have a shared vision of both your honeymoon and your wedding. That doesn’t mean that you can’t share the planning with others! Get friends and family to help out with some research or allocate tasks that they can easily complete. Not only will you have less to do, but it will also help everyone else to feel more involved in your Big Day.

Budget – start saving and set a realistic spending limit upfront

If you are in charge of budgets at work, you will be only too familiar with the importance of sticking to them. It’s vital to start off with a clear figure for how much you want to spend on your honeymoon.

Sit down with your partner and talk about what you want – break down all of the essentials in a spreadsheet including flights, accommodation, activities, meals and your holiday wardrobe.

Start saving and planning at least six months in advance, or if you are asking for money instead of gifts, think about how many guests you have and how much each might give. It’s fine to splash out on this special holiday, but keep your expectations realistic.

Once you’ve completed the budget, it’ll be much easier to start exploring the honeymoon options on the market.

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