Plus-sized women still severely underrepresented at Film and TV awards

Chrissy Metz
Emmy nominee Chrissy Metz
A study has discovered that plus-size women are underrepresented when it comes to being nominated for Film and TV awards.

Analysis by fashion retailer navabi discovered that, in the last five years, plus-size women received only 10 per cent of all female acting nominations.

This research comes despite the average UK woman being a size 16 and one in four women being a size 18. The BAFTA TV awards was found to have the highest proportion (22 per cent) of average and plus sized female acting nominations, with previous nominees being Miranda Hart and Sarah Lancashire.

From 2013-present, less than 10 per cent of winners across the Emmys, Oscars, Baftas film and TV and Golden Globes were size 16 or over.

When looking at the greatest range of plus sizes up for awards, Golden Globes comes out top, with females between UK sizes 16 to 28 nominated including Chrissy Metz and Queen Latifah.

The Emmy’s and Golden Globes both recognise comedy and drama categories separately for female actor awards. Since 2013, just 10 per cent of comedy category nominations were awarded to plus size women, including Amy Schumer and Melissa McCarthy, compared to just 7 per cent in drama categories across the two main ceremonies.

The Oscars has had just 8 per cent of leading actress nominations going to a plus sized woman, compared to a fifth (20 per cent) of supporting female actor nominations being plus-sized.

There have been no plus-sized best actress Oscar wins in the last five years and just one supporting actress win for Patricia Arquette in 2015 for Boyhood, which she also won a BAFTA and a Golden Globe for.

The BAFTAS has a similar record, with no plus-sized women winning a leading lady gong and receiving just two out of twenty-five nominations in the last five years.

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