Politicians Speaking Preparation

Before any speaking appearance for politicians, whether it be a meet and greet, meeting constituents, speaking in the house or delivering election media discussions, preparation is required.

After hearing the car crash interview with Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett, it has highlighted how important preparation before ANY appearance is crucial. In this week’s Superstar Communicator Podcast, I share top tips to ensure any budding politician is prepared.

Among other things, my three top tips are:

  • Prepare 3 messages you want to get across
  • If necessary have specific information (such as facts and figures) on hand, so you can refer to them if there is  discussion
  • Know who you are going to be speaking to

And remember: during the election run up, we are doing lots of blogs, podcasts and google hangouts. We will all learn from the politicians, so to find out more and to get involved register here.

And remember, it isn’t just politicians that have to prepare before speaking: preparation is key to success!

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About the author

Susan Heaton Wright is a former opera singer who works with successful individuals and teams to make an impact with their voices and physical presence. Using her experience in using the voice and performing on stage, she works with people to improve their performances in a range of business situations; from meeting skills and on the telephone, to public speaking, presentations and appearing on the media.

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