Poll shows more people are unhappy with the NHS than ever

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A public poll conducted by British doctors shows that the majority are dissatisfied with the NHS.

The poll by the British Medical Association revealed that 70 per cent of those surveyed think that the NHS is going in the wrong direction.

Whilst the survey sample was relatively small at just 1,031 adults, dissatisfaction in the NHS has doubled since polls from 2015 and 16.

43 per cent of respondents said they were dissatisfied with the NHS, whilst 33 per cent are happy with it.

BMA’s poll also shows that 82 per cent are worried about the future of the NHS.  Only 13 per cent said they thought the NHS would get better with time.

Brexit proved to be a concern of the public, with almost 70 per cent of participants agreeing that the NHS will not receive enough attention because of EU negotiations.

50 per cent are concerned about a lack of funding, whilst 41 per cent predicted that the NHS may not be free in the future.

Finally, 35 per cent of respondents thought that the waiting times would increase.

Dr Mark Porter, leader of the British Medical Association, will speak at the annual representative meeting on Monday, saying that the government is  “trying to keep the health service running on nothing but fumes”.

In his prepared speech, Porter will say: “Prime minister – you ignore the NHS at your peril,”

“We still have one of the best healthcare systems in the world. It treats more patients than ever before, and deploys treatments of which I could only have dreamed when I qualified as a doctor.”

“But after years of underinvestment, with a growing, ageing population, and despite the extraordinary dedication of its staff, it is failing too many people, too often.”

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