The Talent Liberator – Rachel Brushfield. Second careers and portfolio careers coaching specialist.

Rachel is The Talent Liberator and is an experienced career strategist and coach and marketing mentor specialising in career fulfillment, second careers, portfolio careers and helping women to market themselves confidently and competently. Founder of Energise – The Talent Liberation Company, established in 1997 and with over 30 years’ experience, Rachel helps her clients achieve uplifting career breakthroughs at major career crossroads. She has a background in marketing and brand strategy and communications for design, advertising and innovation consultancies, so helps her clients to brand and market themselves confidently and competently, especially when changing career direction e.g. creating a second career, portfolio career and becoming self-employed. If you are looking for a new job, we are not the right career coach for you. Rachel was shortlisted in the entrepreneur category of the We are the city ‘Rising star’ awards in 2017. Co-founder of PWHub, a network for senior employed women in Oxfordshire, Rachel is also a published author in talent management, professional development, work life balance and gender balance. A natural connector to useful people and resources, she has a large and diverse network and many useful career guides and articles which her clients benefit from. In 2018, Rachel is writing 2 books for The Law Society. Rachel works with clients of all ages and professions, what they share is that they are ready for change. The legal profession and lawyers is our no 1 sector/knowledge area. (see our LinkedIn profile for more info.) Rachel’s coaching style is insightful, incisive, bespoke, down to earth and highly practical. How can we help you? Get in touch.

Our office is in Oxfordshire and we work regularly in London and do alot of telephone and Skype coaching.

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