Private Matchmaking – It’s Not Just Lunch!

HiResFollowing on from my desire to use other means to screen out the riff raff, I got to speaking to a very popular private matchmaking service last week. I can’t seriously recollect how I got to hear of them actually, it must have been a reference from one of these popular shows, I’m not sure but in any event….. these ladies (sure most of the Dating Directors are ladies) have done themselves a really good service by broadly popularising It’s Just Lunch!. They’ve been on every TV show and have been featured in almost every glamourous magazine  that you could find under the sun! You name it, Forbes, Oprah, Inc. Wall Street Journal, MSN Money, Reader’s Digest, Market Watch… and the list could go on and on and on… So I’m thinking you know what, they must be real damn good They’ve had my dial for sometime now so when the Sales person called me and spoke about this offer that they have going on I thought OK why not!

The offer was $199 for 6months. The process they say is quiet simple: The Sales person, rigs me in with a very friendly chat which would make everyone feel that they’re running a very unique service,  she asked me the same questions that I would have been asked if I were to fill out a profile on or Then apparently, after that conversation and the sale, my profile is passed onto a Dating Director  who will meet with me in person, check out my personality before they send me on dates. Aah well, now that caught me.. because I liked the concept of having that one on one with someone who checks me out in person, match that against the qualitative factors that I have stated on my questionnaire, then as she knows a bit about me from our little chat, she will look through her large Notebook of professional and likeable guys and would sure fix me up from there, organise the dates and the other hooohah and all I have to do is to show up! Well at least that is what they said right?

So I was expecting the sale conversation to roll along those lines. Well , after I agreed to come on board, Miss Sales Person, quickly proceeded to tell me she’ll fix me up with a date that very same week! What happened with me having the one on one with the Sales Director?! What happened to the personalised service that I was promised! Now at this point, all the alarm bells started going off in my mind. But you know, one cannot be too skeptical huh? So I held onto their word. Before I could go on the date however, I had to sign The Contract! Jeeze… Now here’s the biggie. The Contract came through OK with a million of what I thought were errors but you know, thinking back it may have been done on purpose, for afterall who ever reads through the small print eh?  The $199 turned out to be $1900 over the 6months after which it turns out to a monthly fee and a membership contract for a minimum of 6months (i think). The other clauses went on and on and on. At this stage, I thought I’ll let my cynicism run wild a bit so I googled the company! Surprise, surprise,  the reviews were not that great!! A lot of people mentioned that It’s Not Just Lunch that they signed up for!

Thank God I didn’t sign the nonsense they call a contract!  I immediately asked for a refund through an  email and a phone call to Miss Sales Person, which conveniently went through her voicemail, for I had to pay over the phone for them to send me the contract to sign and the other links to post my photo onto their database you see.  Anyways, Miss Sales Person called me back the next day to say they will refund immediately but up until now, my $199 haven’t gone onto my AMEX just yet

The point though is that this is not my idea of a ‘Private Matchmaking Service’. What I had in mind was  a superbly one on one personalised service if I am going to be charged through the nose for this.. Well at least I tried right?! Chin up!

Let’s see what happens this week

Love always


ps: I love to hear from you so let me know what you think!

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