Professional and comfortable: Tips on mastering your autumn WFH wardrobe

Working from home (WFH) has been a difficult adjustment for many of us, particularly for those who have had to contend with the responsibilities of domestic life while balancing work at the same time.

While initially the change might have been a blessing, a lot of us are finding the novelty has worn off, and there are some days when motivation is simply lacking.

One way to combat the WFH blues is by dressing for the office. Even something as simple as presentation can do wonders for your mind set, and by dressing professionally instead of answering emails in your pyjamas can incentivise you to put in more effort, and make you more productive.

Read on for our tips on how to dress comfortably while working from home this autumn.

Emma Willis - WFH Next CollectionTWEAK THE TEES

While not going into the office means we can be more relaxed in what we wear, a lack of effort in appearance can affect other areas of our lives. Being able to sit around the house in a stained pyjama shirt might sound like a plus, but how much is it really doing for your mood?

T-shirts are great because they can be paired up with smarter pieces for a more professional, yet still relaxed look. Upgrade a simple white short-sleeved tee with some wide leg trousers for a smart-casual vibe. Plain tees also work really well with formal bottoms or a tailored jacket to make your look more professional, while still being comfortable.

Emma Willis - WFH Next CollectionTHROW ON A BUTTON DOWN

Got an important Zoom meeting? Dress like you mean business – on the top at least – by throwing on a button-down shirt. It doesn’t have to be too formal, but it’ll get the message across to your colleagues and the people who matter that you’re going the extra mile. If you like, you can balance it out with a pair of comfy jeans (or even joggers).

If plain black and white feels a little too monochrome, try going for colours and prints that are a little more interesting. The latest Emma Willis collection with Next  features a range of office-appropriate shirts in navy and khaki tones as well as paisley print, perfect for autumn and the changing weather.

Emma Willis - WFH Next CollectionDRESS TO IMPRESS

Dresses are a great choice for those working at home because they’re comfortable and easy to move around in – unlike skirts and trousers which can be stiff, and make multitasking more difficult.

Button-down dresses allow for greater manoeuvrability, making them ideal for those having to put out domestic fires while at work. A utility dress is ideal for all winds and weathers, equally wearable on busy home-office days or relaxed weekends.

Dresses can also be a fab way of injecting some personality into your WFH wardrobe. Uplift your look with a pop of colour or a bold pattern when the day-to-day gets samey.

Emma Willis - Working From Home Next CollectionDRESS DOWN A SUIT

While the idea of putting on a suit to write reports in your kitchen might sound like overkill, this doesn’t have to be the case. The casual suit is making a comeback in a big way, and is a staple for any work wardrobe as a way of maintaining professionalism while stopping short of being stuffy.

You can still wear your favourite t-shirt and trainers, but why not take it to that extra level with a matching blazer and trousers? Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with the colours; while nudes are ever popular in autumn, colours like dusky pink can brighten up the days when you’d rather be in the office.

While adjusting to change is always difficult, WFH with the right wardrobe can do wonders for your overall attitude. Find a happy medium between your home and work environments with comfortable pieces that balance style with practicality – like those within mum-of-three Emma’s latest range.

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