Creating a supportive and inclusive workplace for LGBTQ+ employees is essential for their wellbeing and productivity.

When employees feel accepted and valued, they are more likely to be engaged, motivated and loyal to the company. This guide will provide you with practical ways to foster a more inclusive environment, ensuring that everyone feels safe and respected at work.

Educate and train staff

Training sessions on diversity and inclusion can make a huge difference. They help all employees understand LGBTQ+ issues and reduce unconscious biases. Consider hiring experts for workshops.

Implement inclusive policies

Ensure your policies explicitly protect LGBTQ+ rights. This includes anti-discrimination policies, health benefits for same-sex partners, and support for transitioning employees. Clear, written policies show your commitment.

Create safe spaces

Designate areas where LGBTQ+ employees can meet and support each other. This can be physical spaces or virtual groups. Safe spaces promote a sense of belonging and community.

Use inclusive language

Encourage the use of gender-neutral language in all communications. Respect preferred pronouns and names. Small changes in language can make a big impact on how inclusive your workplace feels.

Celebrate diversity

Mark LGBTQ+ events like Pride Month and Transgender Day of Visibility. Hosting celebrations and educational events can show your support and educate others.

Support Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Encourage the formation of LGBTQ+ ERGs. These groups provide a platform for employees to share their experiences and advocate for their needs. Support these groups with funding and time.

Offer mental health support

Access to mental health resources is crucial. Ensure your employee assistance programs include services that are knowledgeable about LGBTQ+ issues.

Promote allyship

Encourage all employees to become allies. Allies can support their colleagues by standing against discrimination and advocating for inclusivity. Provide allyship training and resources.

Conduct regular reviews

Regularly review your policies and practices to ensure they meet the needs of LGBTQ+ employees. Seek feedback directly from these employees to understand their experiences and make necessary adjustments.

Provide external resources

Sometimes, external support is beneficial. Here are a few helpful resources in the UK:

  • Stonewall: A leading LGBTQ+ charity offering advice and support on workplace inclusion.
  • Mind Out: An LGBTQ+ mental health service providing support and resources.
  • Gendered Intelligence: Offers support and education on gender diversity.


Supporting LGBTQ+ employees is not just about compliance, it’s about creating a culture where everyone feels valued and respected. By taking these steps, you can help foster a more inclusive and productive workplace.

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