Proof of the pudding….

Is always in the eating… What the old folks meant by that saying is that the quality of anything (especially any thing new) is uncertain until tested!! When I started walking on the relatively untested road of the Journey Model, it was hard and I still find it hard sometimes, because you know, changing old thinking and habits is not an easy thing to do. I have openly shared with you, my frustrations and what sometimes appeared to be little victories, although they didn’t appear to be so at the time, but today, I am very happy to tell you again, that I have had a major breakthrough! That calls for some level of celebration! For us, a big pat on the back!!! Let’s reserve the champagne for the BIG sweet ending..

You remember Jamieson from our previous updates, Holding On and Hunter’s Dance, and NO.. it’s not what you’re thinking, it’s a very good update actually!! You know how I chose to stick to my convictions and decided not to make the first move? Yeah? That strategy paid off!!  He actually DID reach out to me this week!! Ha!!!  And he did so at a very good time, at a time (and season)  when I have decided to spread out the bets!!!  Here are the juicy titbits…

I unexpectedly received an email from our mutual professional network platform, which essentially informed me that someone wanted to connect! Well, I’m a City WiseGirl so I am always looking to get in touch with people.. To be honest, I had forgotten about Jamieson, and have in a very subtle way, filed him under the ‘it was a nice feeling but never gonna happen’ list!  The email was a quick check in message, you know, the kind that you would send out to reconnect with someone when you can’t well guess how you will be received?  Yeah that kinda email! I was pleasantly surprised but I didn’t rush any emotion what so ver, and I still haven’t.  My response was very normal, clearly, one that would encourage him to continue on. You can very well say that  I put my feminine wiles into good play in my response! And I think it worked! because…

Two days later, on  Saturday afternoon, whiles I was relaxing to a glass of chilled white wine and a number of Motown classics, my phone rang. Surprise,  it was him!! I stayed cool and kept my conversation short and pleasant, ending in just within 10-15mins!! Short and sweet.

This morning, I woke up to a string of texts from no – one else but Jamieson!!

Wow!! It feels really good!! The proof they say, is in the pudding!!!

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