Prude in the City

In my dark and murky past, I set up myself to join a dating agency but never got the courage to push it through!! Well I think the reason why I didn’t end up joining their services goes far beyond the lack of courage and fear!.. For one,  the cost of their bespoke matching services was going to set my precious bank account a step and maybe two backwards! It also didn’t help that there was no guarantee that I will find the one  at the end of the contract!! Neither were they prepared to give me back some of the fees if I didn’t get what I was looking for!   So I did the maths and decided to invest that money in a practical Louboutin pumps and a nice hand bag to match it!! Yeah, the fee was that much and some change too!

Well I’ve forgotten all about that until now  🙁 You must just imagine my uttermost surprise when  I picked up my voice mail to one husky and sexy voice who went ” Hey, its Luke from (the dating agency)… I hope you’re having a great summer! Are you still single and looking to find that someone special!!! Well give me a call on 0203-000-9999″...

Ouch!!! Talk about a wake up call and the feeling that perhaps I need to do more research and find that someone soon!!! It is amazing how many guys I’ve been out with on dates to date! Some have been good and  some,  not soo good Yes I’ve done the horror sessions and the great one too!  But one thing have been super obvious with all of my dates and may contribute me still being single and fabulous.  I wasn’t necessarily ‘putting out’ after the 3rd or 4th date!! It made me realise that the expectations of some guys (I can’t generalise this too much across the whole universe) can be somewhat skewed!! They expected some sort of a big time nookie action after seeing me in  a short while,  where as I’m thinking –  hold on, after 3 or 4 or maybe 5 dates, I’m still sussing you out! I’m checking if you meet my selection criteria!!!  But apparently my stand on this issue is the perfect definition of  Miss Prude, for the better term of the word!! To which I say, I am not the high way to meeting your sexual fantasies especially when I am researching!  I’m in for the long term so a nookie will have to be very meaningful to me and after 3 dates, that wouldn’t mean much!!

What do you think? Is it possible to be Prude in the City, and still get a great guy nowadays?  Tell us 

Until then, I’m still striding on as a WiseGirl in the City

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