The Real Gift of Gratitude – Part II

Anna-gratitude1Embrace every moment and every circumstance of life as a treasure; a perfect gift from a perfect Creator’ – Friendship with God, Neale Donald Walsch

Last time we spoke about gratitude and how it’s been a total game-changer for me in handling life with a greater degree of adaptability.

I explained how seeing the world through eyes of gratitude can help us to embrace the trials, tribulations and challenges of life as an essential part of the overall process. We explored how adopting an attitude of gratitude, creates the potential for our challenges to glide through our lives and balance to be restored more quickly.

Personally, I’ve seen many ways and examples of how gratitude has served me, one of which is in the area of my relationships. Just recently I created a “gratitude game” as a way to reconnect with a person in my life that I had drifted from. Just thinking along those lines together, helped heal the rift and relax back into eachothers’ company. I used the same technique with my parents, which in turn, inspired my speech for my Mum’s 60th birthday celebration entitled “The 21 things that I’m most grateful for about you”.

Experiencing these successive events recently reminded me that gratitude, when truly felt and expressed, energetically serves us in some way. So, knowing that, I figured I would take this very public opportunity to express my gratitude to the Universe for the 21 things I’m most grateful to be learning right now:

So here goes……..

Dear Universe,

(1)   I’m grateful for all the amazing highs I’ve experienced (and continue to experience) in my life and how invigorated, energised, present and connected those experiences allow me to feel;

(2)   I’m grateful for all the times I’m knocked to my butt to remind me that the highs are only half the story and that there is growth and wisdom available to me in every situation;

(3)   I’m grateful for the unexpected situations that seem to change the course of where I’m going, but that ultimately turn out to be for the best;

(4)   I’m grateful for feelings of discomfort as I step up, because I now know that they tell me that I’m either out of integrity or that I’m growing;

(5)   I’m grateful that whilst pain is inevitable, suffering is optional;

(6)   I’m grateful for all the experiences that I’ve had that have led me to where I am today;

(7)   I’m grateful for my family that’s always been there to support me, even when they thought I was losing my mind;

(8)   I’m grateful for the gift of awareness and the fact that life gets better as we develop more of it;

(9)   I’m grateful that I’m seeing and experiencing my own progress;

(10) I’m grateful that I get to serve my purpose and do something that I love and believe in every day;

(11) I’m grateful for all the people that I encounter who teach me more everyday about the person I want to be, just be virtue of being themselves;

(12) I’m grateful for the fact that we each have our own unique gifts and talents and that by working together we can all play a part;

(13) I’m grateful for all the people I choose to spend my time with and who choose to spend their time with me back;

(14) I’m grateful for finally understanding the value of self-care and how it allows me to show up for more people;

(15) I’m grateful that the sun always rises again tomorrow;

(16) I’m grateful for the many synchronicities that remind me that I’m in the exact right place at the exact right time;

(17) I’m grateful for the quiet in-between moments of reflection that so often bring the greatest revelations

(18) I’m grateful to be in good physical and mental health;

(19) I’m grateful for meditation and all it’s brought into my life; and

(20) I’m grateful that when I let go, I still feel supported;

(21) I’m grateful that everything I want has already been provided before I’ve even asked. 🙂

Reading my list just gives you an idea of some of the simple things we can all be grateful for, so why not try on the exercise for size this week as see how you feel?

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