What We Really Need This Christmas

babyonscalesMy husband is constantly asking me what I want for Christmas – and the poor guy has double duty because my birthday is Christmas Eve.

The problem is – I honestly can’t come up with a “thing” that I really want – no lovely coats, no trendy handbags, no exotic holidays as in years gone by.  Frankly, coming up with things that I want or need at a specific point in time always feels a bit forced – I’d much rather get the random bunch of flowers that simply say “I love you”.  In reality, it’s all about thought and time and de-stressing and being with my kids.  So, I LOVE the idea of Relational Giving – doing something thoughtful for your loved ones. Once again though, the problem is coming up with something that is useful and doable and actually wanted. But coming up with something that is useful and doable and actually wanted turns out to be really stressful – and since the very last thing we need at this time of year is more stress, I thought I’d share with you this handy, awesome giving guide for what to give this Christmas.

These seven ideas (Encouragement, Wellness, Nourishment, Community, Memory, Romance, Time) will hopefully inspire you with ways to bless the parents of young children in your lives. Some of them cost a small amount, some of them more, most of them just your goodwill and time. Pin them, share them, make them your wish list or use them as a starting point to come up with relational giving ideas of your own!

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